Saturday 23 January 2016

I don’t regret cutting last night. The voices were right, it helps the pain go away or at least helps me to forget.I’m bored of living, of going through this pain and having to hurt myself just to make me forget and to make me feel normal. The voices get more powerful everyday and I don’t know how to stop them. Cutting makes them go away for a short time and they are back again! Controlling me! No one understands and no one can help me. I’m fed up with pretending, with being fake in front of everyone! Not being able to talk to anyone about it or show/tell them how I really feel. I’m fed up with having to hide my arm because I’m scared of how people may react. But the only way I feel better is by doing it, by cutting/making myself bleed. I can’t over power the voices in my head, they are to strong! I can’t block them out, they are controlling me and there is no way to stop it!

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