Can’t go to sleep

It’s been an hour that I’m trying to go to sleep but failed. I hate when it happens. I took a nap earlier today and that’s probably why I’m having trouble going sleep now. I want a deep and nice sleep!! It’s been a long day today.

Got drunk at middle of the day with Carolina. We started drinking around 2 PM and passed out till 8:30 PM lol had to go Chandlers 21st birthday party after that. Couldn’t really stay long cause I felt too tired. Then I can’t go to sleep now…

Couple of late night thoughts.
– no more smoking
– cut down drinking
– more workout
– sleep early and wake up early

I’m not going to go hard on my for theses things but I think I really need to start doing these things it’s really the time to take care of myself. Yes, you can do this!!

2 AM on Sunday(now it is). Pic by me taken from Montrose harbor, Chicago.

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