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So me and my boyfriend have been together for two years. We been through a lot and in the beginning of our relationship i could trust him 100% and i loved that. but so much has changed. Hes constantly looking at girls and checking them out right in front of me. He downloaded several dating apps and is always looking at girls on the chive. He made a comment about a girl we know about how wonderful her body was to his friends in a group message. Idk what to do. should i be worried or mad?? should i break up with him?? He keeps telling me i have nothing to worry about and im good enough for him but im not sure. Im so lost and im not sure what to do about it. I told him i dont like that and he says he will stop but never does. What should i do?

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  1. No one can tell you what to do. If it doesn’t feel right than it isn’t right. I personally don’t mind my guy checking out other women but getting on dating sites is crossing the line for me. If someone else brought up the friend I would mind if he comments on it. But don’t be the first to throw it into the conversation. If you feel disrespected then you are settling in my opinion. You should never have that feeling in your gut when you are in a relationship. or lay awake at night wondering if there is someone else. Trust in yourself before you trust in a guy. If you feel something is going one or you don’t feel at ease then find someone that will make you feel that way. Again two years is a long time. You said you have been through a lot together. Well that is life. a lot happens in 2 years. You can say you have been through a lot because you were living life together. I can say that from experience.

  2. Okay here’s my 2 cents:

    1.) I agree. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not right.
    2.) Should you be worried or mad? I can’t answer that for you. Only YOU are in control of your feelings. You have to be secure and do right by you.
    3.) 2 years is along time, but then again so isn’t the future? Do you see a future with your boyfriend? If not, what’s the point other than friendship and companionship.
    4.) You told him you don’t like his shady behavior and he hasn’t stopped. In my opinion, he’s given you an “answer” of his own. By letting this go on, it doesn’t seem like at this point he’s will to respect your feelings regarding this subject. It doesn’t seem likely that he’s just going to stop since he does it, knows you are aware of it, knows that it hurts you, and does it anyways.
    5.) A relationship is a partnership. Do you work with him? Does he work with you?

    Hope that helps. Sorry you have this on your mind. Whether you two can resolve your issues or decide to part, I hope that you stay strong and don’t settle for anything less than your own happiness.

  3. I do see myself marrying him one day. That is what makes this hard. He said its a guy thing to look at other girls. To me that’s disrespectful and he should learn to control it…especially around me!!

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