Not My Week

This has ultimately been a really bad week. I don’t know what it is but I feel like no one likes me. I know what I’m about to write sounds like I am overthinking things and I just might be but I can’t get it out of my head. First, is with Francisco, a guy in my Civics class and have known for 4 years now going to the same high school. It’s not that hard to not know everyone at my school because it’s such a small school (90 people in my senior class). But ever since I was enrolled in that class and I took the spot next to him to be close to my friend who is a teacher’s aid it’s like he doesn’t want to sit next to me like I have a contagious disease. He moved a desk over so that there is a desk in between us or two. Second, my family has been just… I don’t know. I just feel out of place with them and that they don’t need me in their life.I have locked myself in my room and I know it’s not a good start but I guess I have been more emotional these days and I don’t know why. My youngest sister Denise just won’t listen to me at all. I am the second oldest in my family and my older sister is rarely home so I am in charge of Denise. Well, Denise and I have never gotten along and to me she is spoiled but the thing is that she is so disrespectful. I don’t know what to do with her. She doesn’t listen to me, she talks back to me, she mumbles when I am talking to her… and I am just sick of it. I feel like my mother doesn’t even do anything about it. For example my mom just got her a new phone when she got her first in last year in September and she is only 11 years old. My mother threatens to take her phone away if she doesn’t listen to me but she still doesn’t listen. I know it’s mean of me when I say that I wish she wasn’t even my sister, but that’s how I’m starting to feel because I hate it. Third, is still my family but this time my father because he is being, I don’t know… he is getting mad and irritated more often with me and I don’t know why. Last weekend I stayed at my aunt’s house and just when I thought I was going to see the guy I like my dad has to ruin it by picking me up early to go see my grandparents and later we went to the movies and then we went back to drop off my brother and sister (different one) because they live there because the schools are better and I usually get my mother to stay a little longer because she knows who I want to see, but being my father he was waiting in the car so we could leave immediately and I hate it when he does that. Any other times he just wants to get back home quickly and we live an hour away, so I would get it if he had something important to do, but he doesn’t instead he sleeps in the car while my mother drives and I get so mad that when I get home I just go to my room and stay there. This has not been so great for me!! I don’t know what has gotten into him because we usually get along and now I am just done with him.

XOXO lizquiet

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