PeachyLife Chapter 1 Continued

Last Friday we discussed the results of our infertility testing with the reproductive specialist. It wasn’t horribly bad news but it wasn’t great news either.  T has low sperm motility and slightly low sperm count.  I have low AMH, which is a measure of remaining egg quantity and a predictor of overall fertility, and low vitamin D.  As expected, they were unable to offer us any help or suggestions other than a supplement for T and treatment such as IUI’s and IVF.  They went over the process of an IUI in detail which, although not as bad as IVF, is still a giant pain in the ass.

We both agreed we are not ready for IUI’s yet.  I’m not going to totally rule it out as an option, but I want a few more chances to get pregnant the normal & fun way.  Plus we have some work to do on our bodies and our relationship before we go that route.

So what is the next step? Supplementation, weight loss on my part, and making some lifestyle changes targeting our issues via the natural fertility program.  For T’s issue, the specialist recommended a supplement from Theralogix.  For me, she only suggested CoQ10, which I’ve been taking regularly for months now anyway.  I did some research on my own and read that DHEA and vitamin D supplementation can help with low AMH, so I am going to try those.  

The natural fertility program I subscribe to recommends using only pharmaceutical quality supplements for maximum benefit, as opposed to grocery store brands.  This Theralogix company has just that, and they have everything I mentioned above.  Yes, it is expensive.  But it is still less expensive than several failed rounds of IUI and definitely way cheaper than IVF.  And both T and I have been taking majority of the above mentioned supplements for months now already, so theoretically they would have worked by now.  As just one example, I have been taking 3000 IU of vitamin D for months and my blood test STILL shows low levels. So either I need to take more or they’re not getting absorbed by my body very well.

In other non-baby news… snow! It is generally a once a year event in Georgia, so I’m enjoying it while it lasts.  Driving this afternoon was no big deal, roads were dry.. and empty.  It felt like we had the whole city to ourselves.  We had a nice lunch at a seafood restaurant with leftovers for dinner.  Leftovers were a great idea, as it did start to ice up in the evening.  I know this because I nearly fell on asphalt taking a walk in the neighborhood (almost ouch!).

And in more news, I mentioned the Advocate 24 day Challenge in my last post.  I am halfway through the challenge now and have lost about 5 lbs so far.  I’m hoping to lose 5 more before the challenge is over for a total of 10 lbs.  That is without any exercise except walking a few times a week depending on weather conditions.  My thoughts so far are that it helps a lot, but is not producing miraculous results (and I didn’t expect it to).  I think the most miraculous result is that I haven’t been hungry or craving surgary foods like before the challenge.  My pitfall for weigh loss was always treats in the break room at work.  I couldn’t pass them up and tended to over-indulge or go crazy with unhealthy snacks because I was starving.  Some part of the program is making me not hungry and able to pass up sweets more easily.  I think in part 1 it was the fiber and in part 3 there is something in the pills that helps curb appetite.  I do have another non-advocate secret weapon though… dark chocolate with Stevia and no sugar.  Yes it still has fat & calories so I can’t eat the whole bar, but it does allow me to indulge without going overboard or putting more sugar in my body.

So that pretty much covers January happenings.  Hopefully next time I will have some updates on the custom build project.

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  1. Spent couple of mins looking at your cover image to see if it’s real or not lol and still not sure.

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