Somewhere in between..

I don’t feel like doing and saying anything tonight.. i kinda feel down but i don’t even know why.. its just like all of a sudden i felt so sad.. i’m like somewhere between being sad and happy.. i want to go somewhere far from here.. far from this house.. where no one knows me.. where i can start again.. but i can’t.. so i guess i need to bear with all of these.. i feel so alone right now. 

I don’t really like week ends that much.. i should not stay up too late tonight coz I need to be early for tomorrow.. 

Gooodluck to me for tomorrow.. 

2 thoughts on “Somewhere in between..”

  1. For one thing, you are not alone, whether it is somebody in your family or somebody at school. Somebody will always care for you even when you think otherwise. Keep your head up. Now with the whole thing about moving away all I can say is work hard so one day you can move away if that is what you truly want. I also want to move away and all I can do right now is work hard so I can move away. Don’t give up on your dreams and do what you think is best for yourself.

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