When you believe,

There was a drama I watched when I was like 12 years old. The themes were mostly about friendship and believing in yourself no matter what you are. Things are never too late especially when you, yourself are trying to change for the better. When you think that you don’t have enough in yourself for that ‘self-confidence’, maybe it’s better to have a look at others. Look at the right one, that worth your respect. Find what’s similar rather than differences. “What is stopping you but yourself?” Just try, and let’s see how thing goes. Thinking won’t move the world. You don’t have telekinesis, so get moving! (unless you do have it)

Having confidence is not easy. I can only try to believe. Things just might happen when we start believing, whether in ourselves, in others, in universe or even in fate itself. Keep moving forward even if you have to look back sometimes. It’s perfectly fine to look back occasionally. They are what shape us today. To forget those are like a betrayal to our self. Even if those pasts were the darkest hours of your entire life, be proud that you can call them your pasts. It just shows the courage you have to exist today, in this very moment.

~Look back, move forward.~ and be happy~

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