Dear Pb

Dear Pb,

I miss you. Remember all of the silly names I had for you, my bunny bumpkins. I want you to know that I loved you dearly. Memories of your buggy brown eyes will forever put a smile on my face. I love the way you grunted and honked at the vacuum. Your silly rabbit antics were endless. I hated washing dishes, but to look down and see you at my feet made those darn dishes bare able. Some people have teddy bears. When I watched tv in bed I had you. 

I’m sorry I couldn’t take you with me. I wish with all my heart that I could brought you with us. I feared such a huge move would have killed you. Pb, you are a cure for the blues. When I gave you to Crystal it’s because I knew she’d take good care of you. What I didn’t foresee was that like I had once, she needed you.

I think of you from time to time. I hope you still get chances to hop around outside and nibble yummy leaves. I wish you were here, but I’m so glad that you give some one else all your bunny reasons to smile.

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