Education ! Seriously?


I don’t really know what to write today. Days are good, exams approaching near, scared as hell, studying time decreasing day by day, still getting fucked up marks in the December Prelims. Then how the hell I am going to score good now. Positivity level decreasing, not sure whats going on. Still making silliest mistakes in my papers. College practicals tension. 

Yeah.. this is what studying in Maharashtra means. All you need to do is mug up 10kgs text book and vomit them in the exams.

Whereas in practicals you have to mug up the whole observtion table because they will never bother to tell us atleast what observation table contents are. Seriously you have to mug up the observation table contents of about 20 practicals !

We need to remember all that. Also what is present in my microscope kills me, all I see is balls in there and within those balls I have to find the stage of cell division. I got so frustrated with that damn microscope, I was just about to throw it in my last exams. Agreed this is my fault for not preparing the slide well.

 Also, you can’t write any point on your own in the identification part. How the hell one can write heading+2 sentences in one minute that too should match word to word from the book ?  Are we robots ? Well, in my last paper I got 2 marks on identification because my decription about what I am seeing didn’t match with the practical book.. But it definately meant the same. 

That’s the masters level of Mugging up !!!!

19 days for boards. Still Confused what to do… Fucked up system.

Here only those can survive what can mug up anything. And I hardly doubt anybody can. Because this is not education.. here this is business.. And if you belong to General Category then boss…. education for you is worst than hell !! You will seriously prefer going in hell then searching a institute here. 

Surprisingly nobody cares here. I used to think this things happen in whole India but I was wrong. I had my examination partner from Tamil Nadu and she decribed me the education system there. And trust me that is what I wanted. A place where school or colleges take care of your studies rather than any shitty coaching classes. You be in school from morning to evening and can develop your curricular activities there. WOW!         Why is this not here? Also you have schools there till 12th.. This is what Education should be like.Not like integerated colleges where you go to your coaching class and you attendance goes to your college and People pay 2-3 Lacs for such kind of education.

    This helps in making the child a parrot. Mentally Tortured Parrot who can’t help it but has to go through this. Phyiscal Development is negligible. And nobody cares !

Sad but it is the truth. Politcians are busy fighting here. Nobody cares where the Education Sector is going, especially in Maharashtra. 

And when you talk about all this stuff with your teachers. They will say “You have selected Science stream then you have to do all this” 

Like Seriously you want me to become like them ? I am sorry but I can’t and I know people will call me immature and not capable of studying science. But that is definately not true. I love science and your opinions will never bother me. 

I am surving this shit. 



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