I really do hate the fact that this website is not configured with my local time. I want to be able to write at night when I am able to fully think and have something to put up before the days end. So I had to set my phone to the websites time so I know how much time I have before it’s too late.

Is it weird that I would rather talk to somebody online rather than meeting new people close to me? Not in a dating sense but just as a friend to talk to. It’s just so much better to talk to someone in a different place in my opinion just because they live in a different area filled with so much more than my area. Like if you talk to someone in a different location yall can talk about life and what they like to do and just talk in general. I feel that if I try to meet new people in my area they will have the similar information as me. Obviously their life is different but they are not really doing anything exciting or new. It’s all the things that I can do also. I love talking to other people because their information and life is new in a sense.

So school got canceled today and I kind of hate that it did because I’m still stuck at home doing the same thing I did before. I don’t think that school will get canceled tomorrow and I really hope I am able to go for obvious reason.

So as most of the continuous readers know, I play piano. But sadly I don’t really know what to learn. I don’t know any good piano songs that are both beautiful in sound and to a beat that will not make the listener fall asleep. Do any of you know of any piano songs that meets those characteristics? I would love to hear it and try to learn it.

It sucks not really having anything to right about my life. That is solely due to the fact that I don’t have school so I’m doing the same thing as I did yesterday. But if you must know what I did today I will tell you. Today I woke up and made a coffee and then I played piano and just chilled. That was kind of boring wasn’t it? I told you it would be.

That’s basically it for now. I might have something interesting to say tomorrow. I guess we will have to just wait and see. 

(btw, the photo I posted today is not really good because the pole got in the way and if I cropped the pole out then it will cut out some of the view.)

4 thoughts on “people”

  1. Hey.. can I borrow some of your photos?? I’ll wait for your reply.. please.. don’t worry.. I won’t use it in a bad way.. and I will put your name as the owner/”photographer” of the photos..

  2. I received it.. sorry for the late reply.. I haven’t been online for a couple of days..

  3. I am literally stalking your posts because your blog is so interesting!! There are a few kinda classical songs that I listen to. “Old Skin by Olafur Arnalds” and “In Wavelenghts by Gem Club” Maybe the one by gem club will make anyone fall asleep but it is so nice. Keep writing!!!

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