Profession vs Purpose vs Passion

It’s not just the profession that I was looking for – it was my purpose.  Your purpose may align with making an income or it may not.  I thought it was the same thing – because really who wants to spend a lot of hours each week working at something that is boring, stressful or not personally fulfilling?  

But some people don’t care.  They like the security or their team mates or whatever.  That’s totally cool.  I’m not one of those folks though.  I have to be mostly content with my work that is paying me or I can’t hack it.  My best is only sub-par and my overall enjoyment with the rest of my life is also sub-par. 

So – what have I learned to be the case or the difference.  Passion is something you enjoy – you have a fire for it.  It may be crafty hobby type stuff or sports or travel or something you like to invest your time, money and energy into.  It may lead to a career or it may not but you don’t really care because it’s worth it. 

Purpose – this gets you up each day and gets you moving.  It may be people, it may be career, it may be in line with your passion.  It may be your true calling. 

Profession – this is how you make an income and provide for yourself and others.  This may have the trifecta and include passion and purpose or it may not.  

I recently finished reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and loved it!  One thing I found to be completely empowering was how she discussed not asking of your creativity and your passion to also be what provides for you and your family because it may take the fun and creativity and ability right out of the equation.  

Now, for artist, an industry that’s fickle and extremely challenging to make a buck at with allt hese mass produced affordable items we can buy, it’s really hard to get anywhere.  But I also then thought of this for myself with my attempts at being self-employed in the health/wellness industry. 

When I quit, pre-maturely- my well paid job and decided to give it my all and work on my business full time I was all over the place.  I was trying to take on too much too fast, offering services I didn’t even care to offer, and spending way too much time trying to build up social media connections which really turned out to be a big ol’ fake out.  

In the end this taught me a lot, and it led me to my current job working for someone else and making a decent living and doing work within my field and actually liking it, 97% of the time. Great right?  

So when I reflected back on what I was asking of my passion and my purpose in my attempts to create my own living and be self-employed, I was asking way too much of it.  I was asking for it to be EVERYTHING!! That’s a tall order!  It had to be my passion, my profession AND my purpose. 

It had to be something I wanted to invest my time, energy and money into, it had to be the reason I wanted to get up in the morning, but it also had to make me money and provide a sense of security, which in the mind of passion – well it doesn’t always provide security now does it?  If it’s really good — no.  

Wow.  I suddenly realized what a great thing I had — I am not sitting on the opportunity to make my once trifecta into what it really could be – a creative outlet for my purpose and my passion, mostly passion, with half of my purpose because my other purpose is met during my day job.  

I could now be specific in what I really wanted to do with my passion and do things just for the sake of engaging with the creative geniuses that come my way (term from Gilbert’s book…highly suggest it!).

Don’t get me wrong – I am just as much like the next person who sometimes is tired of the day to day grind.  I get it.  But I’m learning from my past mistakes of making some scenarios much worse than they actually are and trying to appreciate the good – know that it’s not forever – and in the mean time I have a chance to learn, learn, learn! 

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