Week End Happenings

The girls had a sleep over with their grandpa this week. Deedee came back with a new pair of boots. It might not seem like it at first glance, but Deedee is sort of spoiled. I’m not complaining that she gets extra time at her grandparent’s house, or that they take her out for almost every meal, or even that they buy her nice things. It’s just that when it comes to Deedee one cannot help, but give her a monster or a chocolate treat. I can easily say no to Snoochie and Bobo, but resisting Deedee isn’t so easy.

While we were enjoying time with just Bobo we took him to El Pablano. The three of us had a great time. I also treasure those moments when I can give 100% of my attention and affection to just one of the three. Bobo, the man, and me had a great time going out for dinner (despite the fact we couldn’t have our giant punch bowl margaritas since Bobo was with us).

I binge watched a show call Vikings this week end. I love this show. It’s epic. The fact that the Vikings were Pagan, believe in signs and psychics, and are brutal pillaging warriors totally enthralled me. The man’s bloodline comes from the Scottish highlands and I swear he has ancient Viking blood in him (we thought this for years, long before this show came along).

I worked a lot this weekend (but I did get to enjoy Saturday off). Friday night we closed early because of the snow storm, so unfortunately I lost an hour. Yesterday was my long shift. My next day off is Thursday, which seems so far away.

I’ve been more focused at work. I’m paying sharp attention to all those little details. I like being able to hold my own.

The Man took me shopping for new pants. It’s kind of bitter sweet. Yes, I need new clothes. I squeeze into pants that are way too small. I hate the shape it gives me. Muffin top. Gross. I have to admit, I loved being so teensy that my daughters’ pants were too big for me. Now I’ve been forced to borrow them just so I can fit comfortably into something. 

I may never get my old size back, but I’m not giving up. Yes, I’m not fat, but I am not satisfied with my shape and tone. It’s been too cold to walk outside so following my “diet” is going to be crucial for the last few winter months.

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