Decisions, Reasons and Explainations


Where to start.

I’m not going to call this a diary in the traditional sense of the word.
It’s not even a Journal of my life.
Just thoughts, regrets, ideas and revelations.


Had a nasty shock Christmas.
Slightly the worse for wear after a few beers, I got up in the night and fell down a full flight of stairs, cracking my head open amongst other numerous injuries.

Nothing too serious, but it did scare me.

Not the fall.

Just not remembering the fall…

Could have been caused by the bang on the head, but I doubt it.

Most likely because of the drink.

And there it is, the admission.

After months (years?) of denial I’ve finally admitted it.

So what to do?

Well the process has already started,

Tears, anger, rants, doctors, tablets, plans and goals.

And now we are on the way.

This diary is not about an alcoholic.

Its about someone who has had an epiphany, and wants to live just a little bit better.

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