I recently downloaded a karaoke app. I like to sing, so why not, right? 

I saw an ad for a contest so I joined in, thinking okay, this will be great! 

What did I win? An invitation to a private chat group…

A chat group with “leaders” and “founders” and rules about adding people to the group and dramarama and BS. I was forced to put a hashtag in my own bio on my profile on this karaoke app and send a screenshot as proof. 

Check please. 

When did we become so obsessed with exclusivity? 

Furthermore when did karaoke become about bullshit?

Im just trying to sing songs with strangers… You’re trying to lure me into bullshit with int inticing words like “contest”…..

color me disappointed dissallusioned and disinterested. 

One thought on “Exclusivity”

  1. Do you use Smule? If you don’t its a good app for Karaoke. I don’t know what the bull on the hash tag stuff is. Sounds like a big joke. I’ve seen people form snooty little groups with all these strict rules. That would drive me crazy.

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