I miss writing ..

I miss writing, someone told me to stop writing and stop sharing my thoughts online.. thats why i didnt write for almost 1week and i was thinking to sell my netbook because to be honest this is the only reason why im keeping this netbook 🙁 but i miss it i guess i shouldnt stop things i really wanted to do just to please people. If the person doesnt like what youre doing cut them off to your life dont cut those things that will make you happy 🙂

Ill share some things again maybe tomorrow about what happen to my birthday, bucket list before january ends which is i promised that i will keep updated here and the book that im about to finish.


2 thoughts on “I miss writing ..”

  1. I also agree. If someone has a problem with you writing than I would question why they take that stance. Maybe they don’t want to see reflections of themself in your content? Or it could be a means to control you? Either way, you should do what’s best for you. If they care about you, they should try to understand.

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