This is a journal of my recovery of bad relationship!!! My current situation, I have been single for about 6 months trying to be content with nobody in my life. Every once in a while I would get on one of the dating websites out of boredom. I started talking to this guy and after a while we final met. He was nice enough , had fun treated me well. But of course after a couple weeks it happens. Then the next day an old boyfriend decides he wants another shot. He wants to move back and see if we can work it out. So I said no. But it definitely effective my relationship that I was trying to have. Like an idiot I asked the question are we moving to fast after the fact that we already did. Told him of the situation . He completely shut down. No more I want to see you no more good morning text. He’s done. I tried to make amends but like my life it’s always to late!!! Then of course in my mind I just want to run and not try and work it out. I feel like I’m begging. 

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