Well… I had no school today. I’m really getting sick and tired of not having school. I’m tired of sitting around my house doing absolutely nothing. There is literally no way on earth that we won’t go to school. I will be beyond confused and mad if they cancel tomorrow.

So I was just shooting photos around the house for no reason at all and I happen to take the photo above and I’m actually really impressed with the way it turned out. I didn’t think it would look like that but I’m happy it did.

I was just writing last night and I wrote something that is somewhat interesting to think about. I will post what it said below


Time is such a precious thing.


Without time, is there really a need to be alive?


Think about it.


Without time there is no need travel the world or find love.


That sounds stupid but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense.


If we have no time then you could say we in all terms have unlimited amounts of time. So if we have unlimited amounts of time we can do whatever we want whenever we want.

So what would be the point of life without time?


Time is such a beautiful thing because with time we have a reason to do the things we do. Like travel and find love and enjoy things that wouldn’t matter without time.


That’s what makes time beautiful.




I don’t really know how I thought of that but it is none the less an interesting thought that is cool to ponder.


Today is the same as yesterday so I don’t really have anything to write. I just wrote this so I would have something to put up. I’m trying not to miss any days unless I’m forced too.

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