Don’t say you love me
or that you only mean well
You think you’re entitled to spit me with your brutal honesty
but I can do that to you just as well

Don’t act like you know
what’s good for me and what’s not
I’m not that stupid to see
I know what I’ve got

Why make me feel so ugly
by pointing out what I still lack?
Is that even necessary?
Your constant, condescending remarks make me gag

There’s this thing called ‘fate’
which may come differently for everybody
No need to choke me with your value of ‘self-hate’,
just because no true love is yet around for me

Don’t say you love me
or that you only mean well
I’m sick to death of you making me angry
by trying to turn my single life into a living hell

Don’t say you love me
Please, just don’t
Those words just sound so empty
if you refuse to be patient

I’m okay with being single
so how come you’re troubled?
Please, spare me your nasty comments
Do I ever need your harsh judgment?

Please, just leave me alone!
Go back to your sense of high praise over mere social statuses
No need to bully people like me
We’ve had it with social terrorists like you, you see?


(Jakarta, 7/1/2016 – 4:30 pm)

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