In A State Of Trance….And withdrawals.

So I am currently feeling ok… I am not sober but I have not used any opiates. I am listening to the amazing Armin Van Burren and the A State Of Trance 2015 year mix and its keeping my spirits pretty high. If all goes well this week I will be attending the A State Of Trance 750th Episode festival in Toronto on Saturday and go out dance my ass off and reward myself for not using any opiates.

On a sadder note I am pretty sure my work is a bunch of pussies and didnt have the balls to fire me or something, normally i am an amazing worker and a fast good cook but when I am going to work dope sick or all fucked up well, lets just say I have went through ALOT of jobs over the past few years and Im pretty sure it caught up with me, they used me for new years and boom Jan 3 laid off, then Im on a job site online tonight and there posting there hiring a cook as of 8 days ago…. FUCKERS.

One thought on “In A State Of Trance….And withdrawals.”

  1. Um… they laid you off or did they terminate your employment? Reason why I ask is because here in the States if you are laid off the company you worked for can not rehire for that position for up to a year unless you are offered said position back (and if you decline you will lose your unemployment benefits if you have not found a new job). The law is pretty specific, but maybe Canada doesn’t have the same ones regarding to lay offs.

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