isn’t me !!!


 You’re not the one I should love.

 You’re not the one  I should give my heart for.

 You’re not the one I should miss and dream of.

 You’re not mine.

 You’re not the one I should look for.

 I tell myself every time.

 that I shouldn’t love you. 

 Don’t let the heart nervous.

 But the more I force myself.

 My heart refuses to listen.

 I know it’s wrong.

 I don’t understand.

 However I try to stop.

 I don’t know how to do.

 However I hide my feelings,

 I get more suffer with my feeling everyday.

 I don’t want to hurt anyone.

 I don’t want to cause anyone to break up. 

 Even though the person who belongs to you.  is not me !!! 

                                                                                                                       HUANG MINGYA


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