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  1. Sorry ur going through crap. I understand completely. Listen to third days grace never too late. Its relatable its about a person going through a crappy child hood, and wants to die. And another person is singing its saying dont die dont give up.

  2. Anyways what is soo bad thats makes u want to die? Think about this if u die the ur future kids will never be born, and then their kids wont be born. You want to get away from ur family and then start a life of ur own.

  3. I just read ur others posts, and yes i agree to some love is to fake my bio mom and dad spilt on xmas and i moved from each family members house week after week till she left. Because when i was seven bio moms eyes were up in her head and i kept screaming for her to wake up (she didnt) and i as alone was my 2yr brothers jumping over the knee wall. Then i called my granny she called my dad begging not to call 199 cuz she covers up for her, dad calls er and er workers come in my and out of my house was with my mom passed out on drugs. Then after she messes with my head saying it never happened, and i always start questioning myself wishing it never happened so i start to belive her crap. I missed a whole quarter of school, and went to different schools. Then my step mom and dad spilt on xmas, then she came back then my dad got Arrested for pushing my step mom down cuz she got mad and started tearing my pics up. Then my step mom got mad and screamed at dad when she found out dad kissed his ex wife and told me and my brothers which was 8at the time i was 14 (it was about a yr or two ago) he hooked up with a men when he was married to my bio mom. And much more. And now my bio mom tells me all these terrible things about my dad like they hooked up again when my dad is married and crap.

  4. Um also since i dont know ur name i will call u peyton if Peyton because Peyton Is a unique name and i applies to both genders. Here maybe i can relate a bit if u have bad family hopefully less worst then this: Dearest Peyton , um i guess if u want a name just call me Ri its my nickname… So this is how i started my 2016 i finally found out why im really short like 4’8 and i am like in 10th grade, so i went to a special counselor, he told i was short because of stressing on family issues. it effects ur growth cuz u cant sleep at night that well cuz of stress, grades cuz u cant think about anything but stress and eating is a problem to cuz it stems from stress related issues. For ex i have stayed up 2day straight without sleep cuz i couldnt go to sleep. my new yr starting with a case worker for four hrs because over xmas (my mom is 50 and lives with her mom) my asked granny for credit card and granny tries to stab my bio mom with Scissors(i had to grab out of her hand, and break them up but they just started fighting again), granny cokes her, hits her with her cane and i have to get my brothers out of the house. we went to the park at like 10pm for 30min till it cleared up (theres a park in the neighood my house). Then mom went to er since she took pills and fell and came back on xmas eve. i babysit the whole morning and night cleaning house and putting food on the table for my brothers. But i deal with it by punching a wall and fake it school that im happy 247 which im NOT…and i always feel gulity cuz i wonder if so died 2007 if i would have been better, and would have in so many ways. when i was little 2nd up the 5thgrade i spent it literally fighting my mom and granny, cuz i hated that they took my life away. and i am angry cuz my mom is now going to ruin my brothers life like she did to me. and my step mom is the mom i never had we argue sometimes but i love her and i wish my mom could me like her. my bio mom when i was younger would show up to my soccer games stoned. but i never give up sometimes i want to but i dont and neither should u

  5. I’ve had plenty of times where I wanted to die. Its hard real hard to be happy. To feel fulfilled. But seriously if you are feeling like hurting yourself you need to talk someone professional. I get mad, I get bored, all sorts of frustrations. But really I do want to pick myself up and live. I do on occasion speak to a counselor.

  6. In my seasoned opinion, Love begins with yourself. A harsh, cold truth is that we are born and die alone. Love is the same. There for as intelligent beings we must learn to love and accept ourselves. Don’t fret over your flaws and imperfections. NO ONE is perfect. Love yourself for all that you are and more importantly, all that you are not.

    It will get better if you want it too. Like love, change begins within yourself and deep inside your mind. If life is hard, agonizing, and lonely it falls upon you to change it. The reins are in your hands even though you may not see them or feel powerless. There is always a solution and remember, it is okay to be selfish. Let go of the heavy burden upon your shoulders, it’s too much for one to bear.

    Be strong. Trust in yourself. Realize perfect strangers do indeed care and want to see you smile and feel lifted. <3 Every day is a new day and the power for change is within you.

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