New start

So today was actually a really good day surprisingly. We did have school and I was happy and sad about that. Happy that I can be around people I enjoy and sad because I have to learn. Today was the first day back and the start to the new semester. I will tell you my classes and things I enjoy about them.

My first class is French and I’m somewhat worried about that because I have never pondered around this language. I have tons of really weird people in that class but I’m just going to do me and chill while I struggle to pass. My teacher is Jamaican and she is teaching French. I love her accent.

Next is English. I’m actually really good at English so I don’t have to worry about this class. The teacher is really cool so that’s a good thing.

Next is chorus. In all honesty I really want out of chorus but in order to graduate I need a pathway. If I finish this semester of chorus I will have my pathway completed and I don’t have to worry about it later in time. I have the option of getting out but I think I will just wait until next year.

Finally is honors math. The teacher is really chill. So like I said before, today was the first day of the new semester and we are getting our new classes and everything. Do you want to know what this lady did? She taught us a full lesson and gave us homework. I can already tell this is not going to be a fun class. But math is my best subject and it comes super easy to me. So I should do really well in this class.

Sorry about the late upload but I had church and school and homework so I wasn’t able to right anything earlier.


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