I just woke up from a nightmare when this guy got on a train a little too late and his foot got stuck in the door – and as the train is passing a brick wall it break hit leg and the door wedges open. He’s screaming and the all of a sudden he gets sucked under the train but the train is moving slowly still and you can hear his shrieks of terror and his body crushing slowly on the track. My vision as the dreamer pauses on this birds eye view of a terrifying scene I can only hear and I listen to his slow death- bones crushing, skin ripping until his intestines are bursting all over the train track beaneth the moving car. I hear him screaming in pain for much longer than I imagine humanly possible … until it’s all over. Somehow his voice connected to the dismembering of his body until a final fuse breaks and there’s nothing. No sound as evidence where his used-to-be body lays and I’m overcome with this anxiety that I’ll never know anyone who sees the value of his life the way I do. There’s this sense at the end of the scene that they want to showcase it in a movie for their adrenaline rushes. I’ve never heard such a horrible cry


I just woke up in tremors. 


wake up

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