The Bucket List

I’ve never actually sat down and wrote my own bucket list. Sure, I dream big. There’s places I want to travel to, things I want to have. So here it goes. My bucket list.

1.) I want a paranormal tour of the Earth. Here in the states I especially want to go to New Orleans, Waverly Hills, The outer island’s of South Carolina, The Cecil hotel, and Myrtle’s plantation. 

Sites out of the states would include poveglia (plague island), Pompeii, Venice (in general), Leap Castle (and other structures involved with the Hellfire Club – so Ireland), Hoia Baciu Forest in Romania (specifically, the clearing), and southern Iraq due to it being where it was once known as Sumeria & Mesopotamia. Shame that’s now a really conflicted area and I might never be able to see it.

2. Family Vacation to Hawaii, cuz why not! On said vacation I’d love to hike up some volcanoes, not to mention I’d love to surf.

3. Own my own house with my own garden. Before I die, I’d love to be as self substantial as humanly possible. Move off the grid for awhile.

4. Fix the botched tattoo on my ankle. It needs a cover up badly.

5. Hike the Appalachian Mountains for a summer.

6. Own a jet ski

7. Get one of my books or stories published

8. Get my hair dyed blond 

9. Kick my nail biting habit. Seriously.

10. Renew my wedding vows. I didn’t plan much of my wedding and I’d really love to redo it and make it a more thoughtful and personal event

11. Breed rabbits. I love me some bunnies!

12. Start my own restaurant with Snoochie. It’s our big dream

13. Go back to college and GRADUATE 

I guess that is it for now

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