Thoughts After Midnight

Its 1:15 Am and I have to wake up early for a dentist appointment at 9 Am tomorrow. I’m finding it hard to sleep, because the only logical explanation there, is that I have so much on my mind. If that is the case, then I guess I have a lot on my mind ever since I was a child… sleep and I were never friends. Just neighbors who sometimes have to say hello to each other. 

Speaking of my mind, though, I do have a lot. Things more close to emotions than thoughts… like how I feel about being emotionally bullied. Do bullies know they are bullies? Do they know that the person they verbally and emotionally bully has feelings? Did I ever do anything to those bullies? Then I figure, the bullies are closer than I think. Blood-bullies actually. Blood bullies who care very little for my emotions… I want to cry now all of a sudden. What I really want is to find a genie, and have my simple 3 wishes granted

A wish for more love inside peoples hearts… specially the blood bullies.

A wish for a higher level of patience, to tolerate sadness and loneliness on the brightest days.

And a final wish, I give to you as a blessing.

I think I will leave it to here… not cause I am sleepy or anything, but I want to be alone with my thoughts after midnight. Signing out at 1:25 am… thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts After Midnight”

  1. We all wish for world peace, but can never have it unless everyone has love in their hearts.

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