Wednesday 27 January 2016

Well today I really didn’t want to get up! I just wanted to stay locked away in my room because I was ashamed of what I did last night. The only reason I did was to not look defeated! To not look weak! But I know I am and it’s he same thing everyday, I have to pretend to be someone and something I’m not! Everyday I’m getting weaker and weaker! I need HELP!! And soon before it’s too late. What’s the point in living a life that you do not want to live? And people always say that it’s selfish to take your own life, but it’s not! You go through everyday pretending to be something you’re not just to keep everyone you love and who you’re closest to happy and inside you’re slowly killing yourself and suffering in pain but yet when someone finds out what’s wrong and you feel you need to do what makes all the pain go away, you are called selfish and people don’t understand living everyday is not only hurting yourself physically and mentally, you are mentally hurting those around you and those closest to you!

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