Collectively Thinking

I’ve read so many other people’s journals and I can literally feel their sorrow, anxiety, anger, emptiness, etc. It’s a weird experience. Then again, I’m weird.

This week at work has been hectic. I make it through my shifts with ease though. Ever since I experienced my latest awakening, I’ve been more in tune with the others around me. I don’t take slights personally. I accept and appropriate constructive criticism and try to gain from it. I’m even able to give my co-workers a glimpse at big boss they never noticed. He isn’t bad, I told them. He’s stressed and pressured. He goes about things in an “angry panicked” manner, but he means well.

A thought I’ve been having lately is related to telepathy. I wonder how many people experience this and do not realize that they indeed are picking up on some one else’s emotions and thoughts – all without words. In a sense if more people had this extra sense, humanity would eventually begin to a resemble a collective hive colony like ants or bees. What would that do in regards to violent world conflicts? Religious genocide? Territorial disputes? I’m sure not every problem would simply evaporate if humans could think as one collective unit, but I think globally we would have more harmony in our lives. We would care more for each other. We would work as the ultimate team. We’d have the same goals.

With those thoughts in mind, if we did indeed share a collective conscious would we be superior to those who do not (as in most people alive today)? What would be some of the downfalls? Surely loss of individually would be at stake, but to me the pro’s outweigh the cons.

I’ve heard “reports” (and I mean report loosely) that alien civilizations communicate through telepathy and their society uses a collective conscious. Is that why they “seem” more advanced than us?

So those are my thoughts tonight. My phone (and internet) will be off from 12 am today straight through Monday. I could refill, but I rather stick to my budget schedule.

I haven’t checked the cycle, but tonight it sure seems like it’s a full moon. Guests were at their worst. Screaming, swearing, making a fuss – they didn’t treat us like we’re humans too and we matter. There is nothing wrong with standing up, being strong, speaking your mind, and such. However, just remember to treat every one as an equal. NO ONE is more important than anyone else. We all matter. Every life that lives and breaths matters.

Good night 🙂

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