Jacob Mark Pitts

Jacob Mark Pitts has a gleam in his eyes. He prowls lightly on his feet with the fluid movements of an instinctual predator. If he was larger, he wouldn’t think twice about killing you.

He sleeps up high above the fridge or on top of my wired shelf. He’s obsessed with running water (and no, he is not diabetic). He runs into the bathroom and sings at full volume. “Meeeeer-ooooW-Kkkk”. He loves to pronounce “Ka” sounds. He’ll tell you a story if you ask.

He’s been known to break into bathroom and join us when we take showers. It’s just too hilarious to make a more concentrated effort to kick him out.

He does not have the ferocious appetite his brother (Andrew Dennis Beirsack) has. Jake cares very little when I shake his bag of treats. It’s not enough to entice him to appear. Andy, on the other hand, hears the treat drawer slide open from 2 rooms away.

Jake is very healthy compared to his brother. Born into a litter of 5, Jacob was the runt. He was chosen because of his slight, slender frame and for the markings on his forehead. He is black, but his paws are white and he has 3 patches of white fur from his neck to his belly.

I made the mistake of switching his food to a different brand when the kittens were about 18 weeks old. The store near my house doesn’t carry the brand I use. Within 4 days of using the cheaper, more common brand, I watched in agony as Andy’s health sharply declined. He was lethargic, he couldn’t get up to eat or drink. His breathing grew rapid and shallow. Jake saw his brother get sicker and sicker. Jake abandoned his dieing brother.

I used a combination of TLC, science, and magick to save Andy. I threw out what I suspected was tainted food. I hand fed him. I saged him. I gave him a white light of my energy. Andy survived, but because of his illness, Jake “the runt” was bigger than his brother. Andy has fully recovered. He’s happy and playful. Jacob enjoys a sense of power now that he is as big as his brother.

When I get home from work Jake and Andy greet me at the door. They make me smile. There is something therapeutic in petting a cat. 

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