Looking for Alaska.

How Long does the sad feeling after finishing a good book last? 

Till I get new one and make me sad again? 🙁 

yesterday I saw that I left 12 pages to read for the rest of the day it makes me sad knowing that I’m about to finish a good book, I was so annoyed the whole day cause i got the feeling of crying but it can’t come out because it’s just a book it’s going be weird if I over react. Back on yesterday I’m so frustrated to get a new one so I keep searching for a good romance book but I’m working so I really can’t find a good one. For the time being I will read a book that always catch my attention because of the repetitive title Anyways I’m talking about this book Will Grayson, Willgrayson of the same author John Green. 



One thought on “Looking for Alaska.”

  1. Me too.. everytime I read a book.. if I like it I want to finish it soon coz I want to know the ending.. but when I was about to finish it.. I will feel sad coz I don’t want it to end.. it’s really crazy..

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