Not fair

I’m so impressed with this new guy. Talking with him is really eye opening and the struggle to stay alive in this energy field doesn’t seem as hard. He told me he isn’t going to run away so I hope he is G fearing man.

 Something smarter than I am capable of interpreting is changing our swords.  if you don’t tune into or hear your own heart and instead let someone speak for you in fear and lust and there will be repercussions for your heart breaking filth you all argued with me about to steal the edge off my strength so that my words fell into nothingness. I will keep focusing on my body in this climate to activate a true nature and not one that is forged and disgusted me to a pulp. when I lose my sight due to so much hatred and then have everyone accept me on tinder with the prospect of fucking me, My lies to save your children’s lives are being turned into the most cathartic lesson for you. Do you realize you’re pulling your self esteem from me like I’m God? A desperate human instinct is before us and we can’t commit to prayer like we can to evil enslavement. I’ll punish us all for this and it won’t be on purpose. You’ll lose sight of numbers and organization. You’ll see chaos. You’ll feel nothing but sexual love. I can’t even say it 

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