Dinosaurs continued

So today wasn’t bad. It was not very interesting but it wasn’t bad. My day was fairly average. Math was great today tbh. Like my class is filled with the coolest people and Love it.

So I’m not going to be able to upload a journal tomorrow because I have an event with church and it lasts until tomorrow night. I will see about getting my friend to upload my journal for me but if you don’t see a journal tomorrow just know that I tried. If any of you have a twitter yall should most definitely send me a friend’s request. My twitter is linked to my account so just go to my account and under my name is the twitter symbol and you just click on it. If yall don’t have a twitter then I recommend you make one because twitter is basically my life and its very enjoyable depending on who you know.

So I asked yall about the dinosaurs yesterday and whether or not you commented I’m still going to tell you my opinion.

So contrary to popular belief I believe that the dinosaurs mainly died because of Noah’s flood. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I am referring to a book from the bible. I believe that when the flood happened it wiped away most of the dinosaurs. Now that can bring up a lot of questions. I had the same questions and one of the questions was this. There were dinosaurs on Noah’s ark and there were a male and female. There were a male and a female of each. So you are probably asking this. If there were dinosaurs on the bus and there were a male and female then after the flood they can reproduce and start all over again. Now I have a theory for that. After they got off the boat and they started reproducing there were not many at all. They would quickly be introduced to new diseases and they cannot fight all the diseases while trying to reproduce dinosaurs that are immune to the disease. So I believe that with the lack of dinosaurs and the harmful diseases they were killed off.

Now that is a single Christian’s view. Some Christians might believe something else and the asteroid theory is also a very popular theory so like I said before, this is just my theory. Some may agree and some may disagree.

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