Help settle a debate (and it’s easy)

Hi there! Can you answer a quick question for me? Just use the first thought that comes to mind and please don’t Google it. Here’s the question: What color is the opposite of red?

So simply I know and yet, it was the meat and potatoes of a serious debate at my house tonight. My husband thinks it’s one color and I think it’s a different one. I’m curious as to who’s answer is the more popular choice. I won’t say who said what though (maybe you’d be bias if you had prior knowledge of our answers)

Thanks for your help in this 🙂

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  1. Cyan! Though I think it was once believed to be green, before knowledge about additive and substractive colors became essential in modern printing.

  2. It’s actually quite easily settled. There are three types of cones on our retina. Cyan is the color we perceive when only the cones for *blue* and *green*, but not the ones for *red* are activated. So cyan is what our brain shows us in the total absence of signals for *red*.
    I understand that someone would say green, and maybe it depends on how you define the word “opposite”. How can a color oppose another color? You could also thake the wavelenght-approach, but even then cyan is farest away from red. Green is just around the corner of red, with only yellow in between those two.

  3. Lol. Yup, you nailed it. I said green. He said blue (than changed his answer to cyan).

    My answer was based on the color wheel & some weird experiment I did in high school that involved lights and shadows.

    My husband used the subtraction method.

    Its not entirely relevant to the topic, but I’m partially color blind. Can’t see a variety of reddish shades or blueish purples.

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