i will always…

I was up late. Figured I would express my feelings and “think out loud”. Hopefully inspire others to see things in a positive perspective.

I need your help

I was always there for you when you were down
I picked you up when you needed to be
I held your hand so you knew you were safe
I hugged you when you cried
I gave you all the affection in the world
I always gave you the attention you needed
I accepted your insecurities
i accepted your flaws
I showed you how someone could love you
I put myself on hold to make your day a fraction better
I only wanted you to be happy
I married you because I wanted God and the world to know how much u meant to me
I loved you with everything I had
I was always honest with you
I have never lied to you
I was always faithful
I was always supportive
I lived for your happiness
I only wanted you and nothing in return
I know deep in your heart you feel the same
I know you love me
I know you are scared
I only wish you would try
I am a new person
I have changed my life around completely
I will prove it everyday
I will prove it to everyone
I will put everything that’s left of me into it
I need you now
I made a promise for the rest of my life
I am sorry
I only love you
I only want you
I want a family
I want our dreams to become a reality
I need you to trust me one last time
I am worth it
I will make it up to you
I need you to open up your heart
I will make it up to your family
I am passionate about who I love
I will never turn my back on you
I will always be here
I know true love exists
I knew it the day I met you
I know we deserve a fresh start together

I know things don’t happen over night.
I know we can get through anything together

I need you to believe and realize that the love we lost sight of is still there and it’s only the beginning of the greatest things for us.

I love you unconditionally forever

I love you always


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