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Healthy Passionate Life — Live Life on Purpose! 

This is all about helping women live fullfilling rewarding lives by having a community of support for one another in areas of finance, relationships, career, motherhood, friends, body image satisfaction, and joy.  

My life has had many ups and downs and for much of it, I”d allow myself to become stuck in the wo-is me of the current scenario instead of always moving forward with a plan and sticking too it.  Add to that my impatience level and it’s no surprise that I often found myself always looking to the next thing.  

Granted, some of this was a normal healthy part of life too in thtat I was broke, wanted a career, and other things out of life and I was always working to make that happen.  For a long time I was fueled by anger, anger at others, at life, at the unfairness, at myself.  

I’ve moved out of that phase and am now more interested in learning how I can continue to learn and grow no matter what others around me may be doing.  You see, barring extreme life and death circumstances, the day to day grind, our relationships with people or ourselves or money or spiritual practice — well it’s ultimately up to us on how it’s going to be and play out.  

I know a lot of people, I’ve been the person, who has been stuck waiting for relationships to improve once the other person gets it and owns their part of the problem in our relationship.  But you see, that removes all the power from me and what I can do now.  It removes all the learning and growth I can already begin doing to enrich myself and set the page for how things can be moving forward. 

My husband is a very patient man.  He’s also very organized and does all his chores now instead of later, I’m the opposite, though I’m getting better.  He’s never nagged me.  He’s never criticized me.  He’s never snapped at me or made me feel like I’m a slob or gross.  He just keeps leading by silent example and he waits.  I do believe he has intention in his silent example, he’s not a martyr and just hoping I’ll notice him.  He knows I notice all he does.  And I’m well aware of my lack of upkeep compared to what he does.  

I think the fact that he isn’t a victim and doesn’t feel as though he is unappreciated, he just knows I was raised differently, it takes time, and eventually I’ll get there, leaves a positive vibe in the air and rubs off on me.  He isn’t resentful or mean or throwing himself a pity party OR telling me how lucky I am to have a man who cleans.  He’s just doing what he’d do like he did when he lived alone.  

In time, slowly but surely I have become more organized, I keep up with things like he does, I may not wipe down the kitchen counter after each time I cook, but I also no longer let the dishes sit all day or overnight.  Not because I know he doesn’t like it but mostly now I don’t like it.  I’ve gotten so accustom to how nice it feels with the house being a certain way I don’t like it any other way.  Ok, and I remind myself to contribute too because I know he appreciates it, of course.  

My point is, what is my point?  He didn’t need to change me or get me to hear him.  He was leading by example by how he prefers to keep our house.  He was setting the page for how he likes to live and it rubbed off on me.  Any kind of repair or change in a relationship with others can be improved by this same manner.  YOu be you – patient, accepting, positive, hopeful, open, and set healthy boundaries with others, eventually, in their own way, it can have positive influence on the relationship you have with them and how you will continue to grow moving forward. 

Too often I have been stuck in this feeling of not being able to do or be what I want because I’m dealing with something beyond my control and I’ve realized this is no way to look at things in life or handle myself.  It rids me of all my choices, opportunity and power.  It forces me to seek outside solutions when really the solution is already inside.  

Somwehere along the lines I began to realize this and used the outside tools to help me improve things in my life, work, relationships, financial stability.  

I will be the first to admit that I still have an only ok relationship with money.  I have distanced myself from it a great deal lately, even though I’m earning an income better than any job I have had previously – something just feels disconnected to me a bit.  I’m not sure why, but I am deciding to change this and to purposely and with positive intention improve my relationship with money by use of understanding my personal motivations and my external tools available to me.  

And that’s what this entire concept is about – Primary Foods all meld together into one after the next.  Any imbalance or deficiency in one can trigger another or trigger bad behaviors only furthering the deficiency.  Living on purpose, with energetic determination is an ongoing ever changing, growing, learning and exploring journey.  It’s never about the result, it’s always about the right now – finding the purpose you want to get up for each day, be that in your career, your family life, your creativity, your education, your living environment, whatever, it’s finding the reason you are here – which all of us have that.  It’s life, to celebrate our life energy — to learn about compassion, love, forgiveness, even in the face of all that is seemingly impossible to forgive.  

Finances and women – do you make money, do you limit your potential on your income, do you feel intimidated by money, do you overspend, do you over indulge or stress?  

We all wear differents hats – mothers, daughters, wives, girlfriends, friends, BFFs, employees and each of these areas has different responsibilities, expectations and opportunities.  

When work takes away from family time, we feel guilty.  When we let down people in our lives we may carry shame or guilt.  When we are not fully satisfied with ourself in some manner of speaking it can create imbalances or deficienies in our life that become heavy to carry like personal little baggages or chips on the shoulder.  It becomes a lot.  Down to even feeling the right and freedom to express ourselves individually or emotionally. 

The social expectations of fitting in, doing the mature thing “having a big girl job” or what have you is daunting and never ending.  

This is not a place where you all have to put on your smiles or be perfect or happy.  This is a place where you can get information – get resources.  Some of which are my own creation.  Some of which are my own application, interpretation, or thoughts on someone else’s approach.  

This is a community for women of women learning how to walk in the many parts of our lives we must walk through.  It’s little things like figuring out how to get organized to big things like improving your own personal relationships with different things in your life. 

It’s about committing to the purpose and intention of living your life.  The purpose isn’t about success, failure, outcomes, recognition or approval.  It’s about your purpose, your intention, your everyday action — right now.  Right now isn’t about the results you’ll get in a few months – it’s about right now.  

And in the right now – you have opportunities to be already experience success and enjoy these little successes.  When you experience great levels of success – you’ll get to revel in the happiness – but being purposeful right now isn’t all about being reliant upon success, recognition, income, failure, or guaruntees or results.  It’s about the imperfect journey of your own life unfolding with each step you take.  

It’s not about taking a risk and believing everything will come out the way you plan – it’s about taking a risk, hoping for the best and knowing curve balls will happen and hey, it can STILL be OK in the end even with the unexpected happening.  

Purpose is not about being happy right now.  Or feeling like you have to be something or somewhere you aren’t.  You may be tight on cash, working two jobs, and stressed to the hilt.  So feel the frustration, feel the anger, but this doesn’t entitle you to be a victim, treat yourself or others poorly simply because you’re mad.  Find the light at the end of the tunnel, any light, it may be the end of another workshift, it may be going back to school, finding a roommate, looking for a new job, or setting aside a few minutes each day to do something you really enjoy.  

I get it – I do.  I worked two jobs, went to night school to pay off debts and get on my own feet.  I went through a divorce at a young age – and I’m no hero for any of this.  It’s life.  It was my life – good bad indifferent – it is my life.  It is what it is.  I was angry.  I was stressed and overall not very happy.  Still do your job, don’t take it out on others that you are at a hard time your life – don’t take it out on yourself.  If you feel angry – so be it.  But don’t let it be your ownly driving force. 

Live on purpose.  Money.  Love.  Success.  Fear.  Risk.  Failure.  Fashion.  Career.  Motherhood.  Family.  Friends.  

Do it all on purpose with the intention of living a Healthy Passionate Life.  



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