S.O.F.T. side


I’m back, not much update. Sorry, my life isnt that exciting at all. SO, finally got the first week of school over with. Parking and traffic S.U.C.K.S. The boyfriend and I have been talking about marriage some more. What decorations to do and what colors to go with. It’s quite exciting yet a little frustrating. He has actually been a little more helpful than I had expected. Especially, coming from a guy who is all “tough” and dont show much emotions, talking about wedding stuff showed me a little of his soft side 🙂 He actually mentioned some decoration ideas for his house, WOW! haha. Did i mention, not long ago, he actually wanted to learn how to bake a cake? I’m just shocked with all of these little things coming from his soft side haha. BUT, I L.O.V.E. IT!!!! especially because this type of personality is quite rare coming from him. Anyway, other than what i mentioned, there isnt much new going on. nothing exciting. it’s been a few days since i been on here so just thought i’d drop by. til next time,


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