This is Life

I thought that my life was going to get worse with everything that has been happening in it with family drama and ex boyfriend issues. But finally for the first time in a while I am actually happy with my current boyfriend. He is amazing and doesn’t have to try to hard to make me happy or laugh or anything. It is something that I haven’t had in forever and it is nice to have it again especially with him. He knows how to be there for me and help me through everything and anything that I have going on. I found out last night that my grandmother has a brain tumor and it could be cancer. She has to do more tests to find out but it is still hard on me and my family. I told Richard last night and he really helped me through it and made sure I was okay during the night and the next day. I am so grateful to have someone like this in my life. I just hope my life keeps staying this way for awhile because all I want is something to make me happy and that is him. Lets see what the days have ahead for me and this relationship. I have also been praying so much for my grandmother she doesn’t deserve this to happen to her but God has this under control and everything will turn out fine I know that for a fact. I have to stay positive and Richard helps me with that.

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