Back in pre-k

It’s not if often that I say this…

But I am aggravated, irritated, frustrated, and annoyed. Can’t wait to go to sleep and be done with today… only problem is, I’m an insomiac. Every one else is the house is soundly sleeping except for me. I swear the corners of my eyes are twitching. 

It isn’t a big deal, I swear. 6 hour shift under big boss in a mediocre mood. He makes no sense. He has no rhyme or reason. He lacks people skills. I’m sure there is plenty he is good at. He expected me to snatch a utensil out of his hand tonight because it was what I NEEDED to get food out (a spatula to get burgers off the grill). Instead I took some wax paper, wrapped it around the spatula I shouldn’t use (cross contaminated) and finished my work. I was smug with satisfaction.  Great problem solving skills, Inanna. Yeah… not so much. Big boss tells me next time to just grab it from him. Say what? Are we in preschool squabbling over who gets a turn with the big blocks?

I made it through. Its only 6 hours and it’s a paycheck. I get home and the man is drunk. Wouldn’t have been so bad if he didn’t keep playing too rough with the kids, got me rounded up to drive him to the store to get smokes only to decide that all the good stores are probably closed. Yup, I felt like I was in preschool all day today… only with adults.  


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