catching up..

well i haven’t made an entry in a while but i figure it’s best if i do. i got a lot on my mind and i suppose my day would go better with me writing instead of being dramatic and telling people everything.

i used to be such an open book now, even if it’s killing me, i i’d rather keep it all down instead of telling the wrong person.

i’ve had a bit of an identity crisis. some events in my life were just too much for me, life changing events. i had no idea how they would affect me but it just felt like i needed to learn how to be a person again.
at 10,000 times the speed of a snail, my life is starting to get back on track. slowly starting to be normal. i don’t wanna get caught up in things that i ignore everyone again but quiet frankly, why is it so bad to focus on what makes me happy?

im still trying to figure things out but with this new job im so happy that im starting to feel like a person again. its the best way to start.

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