I will always.. #2

Another night awake. Im gonna continue where I left off from yesterday. More thinking out loud.. 

I am strong
I will pick us both up
I will take all of the doubt away
I don’t want you to be sad
I only want you to smile
I have spent my life looking for you
I know we are meant to be
I know things happen for a reason
I know we needed some time apart
I accept that
I think it was good for us
I know what is important now
I want to and will provide from this day forward
I have the courage to admit my mistakes
I can’t go back in time
I can only prove myself daily
I am the one
I can say I’m sorry but I want to show you
I believe in us
I will make all of your dreams come true
I want to travel
I want to explore
I have motivation and drive
I want our family
I can give you everything you have dreamed of
I will always be here
I can’t pretend to not be in love you
I am willing to risk everything to show you
I will fight until the end
I will succeed in life
I think you were sent to me to change my life
I have learned my lesson
I want to face the dark with you
I want to bask in the sun along side of you
I only have room in my heart for you
I am on my feet
I have improved my life
I miss you dearly
I miss your smile
I miss your goofiness
I think of you and smile
I think of you and cry
I pray to God everyday that I will be allowed to make you happy again
I want to take any pain away
I know you believe in me
I need you to be willing to let me show you
I want to take things slow
I am in no rush
I ask for a sign everyday
I hope you will think of all of the positive things we have going for us
I believe in us tremendously
I loved you from day one
I will love you until the end
I have a clear head
I am sober
I have a job
I want to make new memories
I know you love me
I want to sit and lose myself in your eyes
I want to hold your hand and walk through life with you
I miss the love we shared
I will not let you down

I can picture the fairytale ending that we have dreamed of
I believe our time is now
I get asked why I don’t give up
I respond because I know it’s meant to be

I am in love with you
I will love you even past the last breath I ever take
I made a life commitment in front of God
I meant every single word of it and more
I am here for you

I truely see and believe, that our future together is on the cusp of being the greatest thing

” when all is lost, and daylight ends, l’ll carry you, and we will live forever “



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  1. I admire your dedication. I hope that she sees just how much you love her.

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