Letter to you!

Don’t you think there is an urge for a change in mankind?
The path we are walking will slowly lead us to our extinction. Right! everybody knows this. No proof needed.

But the truth is that we want a change but we don’t want to be the change.

I still remember that once you told me that money is an illusion in our life and you will never run for money. But yesterday you said that in the end the only criteria for living is money.
Money is so important?
You said “because the world is money oriented”
My problem is that if you care so much about money why did you fake earlier? There is nothing wrong in being yourself dude! You want to do this for your father, that’s good and I appreciate that but why did you lie earlier?
Reasons known to you.

Ya! I understand money is important for survival but it is not the only criteria. I mean if I leave my studies right now and search a job, I can easily get a job with a well paid salary for my expenses.
But is that enough?
I have planned my life in a different way!

And yesterday when I told you that no matter how many years it take I’ll definately become a gynaecologist. You said that’s good but simultaneously said youย won’t do that if you were in my place because you want to start earning soon! That’s good!
But is this enough? Won’t you be tired of your robotic life?
Nothing more?
Don’t you think you should have a dream too?

I know if I don’t crack my entrance this year I will have to go through many things along with the humiliation of not passing. But that can’t stop me!
I want to have a peaceful life. I seriously don’t think age matters infront of our dreams.

Well, Whatever it is, I am bored of all the lies you said just to make yourself a good boy? When you areย definately the same as others!

Why to hide the real you?
Are you ashamed of it?
Well if you are, don’t you need to change?

Stop spreading negative vibes! Learn to love and care for those who does the same to you! They are not fools to trust you! Stop changing yourself again and again.

I am tired of all this!

I may fall for that today but I know where I want to go and nobody can stop me from going there

The one that cared forย you.

2 thoughts on “Letter to you!”

  1. Your dream is a good one! Follow it! Being educated will make you independent from other people. Also, it is good to know your work has a purpose. I would never give up my position in academic research, even though I know my friends who are employed by big companies have either more money or spare time, because what I do has so much sense and purpose in it. It’s good having something to aim for. ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish you all the best.

  2. Thank you so much. ๐Ÿ™‚
    This really means so much to me.
    You proved that there are people not in the marathon of money!
    Dreams are important too.
    And I will definately make it come true. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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