The usual

I find myself always writing about relationships, which I mean isn’t always horrible!! Granted I could write about a lot more than relationships, but I can’t seem to let this go. It’s just that lonely feeling you get after not having that one person there, who’s been there for so much already. Then next thing you know they’re gone *poof* like they were never even there to begin with. But it’s not just “that” feeling it’s feeling of i’m not good enough, or the one were it seems like you are kind of just saying I probably deserve it! But at the same time I keep telling myself I didn’t even do anything wrong. I mean he is the one who left me after all, but was there more that I could have done to make him stay? Probably, or probably not, but the fact that I won’t ever know what I did really gets to me every now and then. You guys don’t even know the story (long story short he left me for his ex which he always said he didn’t talk to anymore) But you know I can’t help thinking maybe if I was more like her then he’d still be with me! Ugh.. I know it sounds like I am asking for advice more then anything which I am in a way, but at the same time I am so angry and upset and I keep telling myself I am so much better with out him, I am a great person, and anyone would be happy to have, but that’s what you tell other people to make them feel better!! I don’t wanna “feel better” I want to actually believe that those things are true. In some way I do, and I feel as if I love myself but here is always room for improvement right? There’s just a lot of things I want to say and can’t figure out how to say all of so I’ll end this with the only thing I can think of Ugh.. 

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