Travel the world

My dream is to travel the world.

I want to discover new horizon,new culture and new people.

I have always wanted to travel the world for as far that I know.But when life becomes overwhelming,I just got busy sorting out how to just live.I just forget about it and focus on getting better.But recently this desire is growing more and more inside of me.I can’t hide it anymore and pretend that im like everyone around me who just want to settle.


But in my little world,dreams are just dreams.They don’t turn to reality.I’ve always learn that we have to make our dreams come true but it’s not easy.

The biggest problem is MONEY. I need money to travel and i don’t have money.Work hard you will tell me but here working is not enough.You only have enough money to survive and have a little fun.

Maybe I should stop wasting money on the fun things then but it would never be enough.

Problem N0.2 Can a girl travel safely alone?

Well this is the question.But sincerely i don’t care I’m big enough to live on my own.But I must admit that its a bit scary to be all by yourself in places you don’t know.

The biggest fear : Getting kidnapped in Italy, spain  or some other countries.

Problem N0.3.My Parents.

God knows how they can be overprotective.They will never let me go.

Conclusion : So here am I , wondering if one day I will be able to live my dream.Writing about it make me realise how I want it so bad.From now maybe I should do things to make it Happen.It’s time to save money and plan things.

They said that if you want something the whole universe conspires in helping you achieve it.

So cross fingers

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  1. I have the same dream, travel around the world. Another problem for me is that it is difficult to get a VISA. I am from a developing country… getting VISA is not easy. It will be easy if you have a scholarship or work, but if you just want to travel as a tourist, you have to show them that you have a huge amount of money in your bank account. They will also look for a return ticket to make sure that you will return to your country.

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