Beginning of my Journey

Last week, I shut down my Facebook. 

It was too distracting, and I knew I needed to focus on other things that were more important. 

I’m working on my Masters, need to lose 30 pounds to get my sugars under control, and build real relationships with real people. 

This week I started Weight Watchers with my mom and have lost 3 pounds already.  But I have a ways to go. I’ve lost the weight before and gained it all back several times, so I’m hoping it’s going to actually keep coming off with my diligence in this eating plan and keep it off! 

Today I walked nearly 6 miles; three miles to Target and three miles back home. I know I’m going to be hurting tomorrow, but I figured with the snow storm coming, I might as well really challenge myself. I felt good about myself, but, OW, my poor left foot was feeling it more than anything. I might need to get some sole inserts to help my feet, since I am sure my shoes are just fine. 

Okay.. It’s midnight, which is so typical of me… I can’t shut my brain down, and I thought writing would help, but I think music and crocheting will help… Maybe even a cup of tea, too. 

There’s snow on the ground… Oh boy, it’s beginning. Who knows what it’s going to look like tomorrow as thats when the worst is supposed to hit. Yikes! The funny thing is, when I went for my long walk, it got up to 63 degrees! Crazy! 

Okay, going to go get my tea and settle down with some soothing music, and hope to get some sleep. I’ve got church tomorrow and I’m going to fight to stay away from those yummy looking bagels they have at church every Sunday! I will just remind myself what they do to my sugar levels. Coffee. That’s enough for me. Right?  

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  1. How is WW going? I joined too just BEFORE the holidays. I wanted to get my unhealthy eating habits in check before all the festivities started. It has worked for me. I hope it is going well for you too.

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