High Heels.

Today I went to watch a kickball tournament and I wore my high heels. I chose these ones because I thought they wouldn’t soak up sweat like my more heavy duty leather ones. But I was wrong. If I were still in foster care and my high heels were stink they would be confiscated. My old foster mother would confiscate my stink heels. It was embarrassing. They were so stink when I took them off. Even my friend Summer told me that my shoes and feet were stink. She jokingly asked me if I spat on them because the smell was, at least to her like dried spit. Even when I went to wash them with water it was still stink. I thought at that point maybe it was just my feet but then I smelled both my feet and shoes and it was definitely my shoes that were stink. These heels weren’t as bad as my white leather wedge heels though. They made my feet super stink. Here are what the shoes look like.



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