Of Labels and Journeys

Everything we know about ourselves is an opinion the only thing we know as humans after thousands of years of evolution and discovery is that we exist. I don’t know if anyone else feels this way but maybe all the questions we have are supposed to remain unanswered…? It’s not the destination its the journey and I hope the best for whatever generation sees that destination long after I’m dead and gone. But I realized today in this journey of life we label things others, ourselves, strangers, friends,… Based on anything really. Its easy to see yourself the same .. daughter, sister, student, friend.. generic.. what does any label have to do with who we actually are? I hope someday somehow on this journey we can abandon the labels and find out who we really are over a decade being self aware in this world and I still don’t know who I am.. Just something to think about. Who are you under the labels?

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