The Weekend

So this weekend was absolutely amazing and crazy. The weekend started off really good Friday night. I went to an event called 180 weekend. 180 weekend is an event that runs through Saturday night. It’s basically just a weekend based on God. There are three services and they are all amazing. The first service was really cool. We went to a church called Parkwood and they are two stories so we sat on the balcony in the middle. It was easily the best seats in the house. The next day the service started at 10 am and it was really good but everybody was tired from the night before. After the service we went back to church and we stayed there for around 6 hours playing dodgeball and watching movies and basically doing whatever we please. The last service was the best. We were late and got there 5 minutes before it started and I surprisingly got really good seats. So all of that was really confusing so I will sum up everything I just said. It was just a weekend based around God.

This was easily one of the best weekends of the New Year. There will be much more weekends to come so we will see what tops this weekend.

So I still have my math 2 honors homework to do and I’m praying that it will get finished. Math is easy to me but some things still get me stuck. That’s not a problem at all because I have amazing friends in there to help me and I can text/ facetime to help me.

That’s pretty much it for today. I sadly didn’t get a blog uploaded yesterday but one day out of the many to come isn’t bad.

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