Too much..

It’s sad to think that no matter how hard we try to be good enough for others..  they still won’t appreciate everything that we do for them.. 

I always say to myself that maybe I should stop caring too much for others..  because I tend to forget about myself.. but I just can’t..  maybe that’s the way I am..

Sometimes when we love and care too much for others we forget to think of ourselves first and when we do.. if we forget to think of ourselves people around us will start to think that it’s alright not to care for you coz you yourself doesn’t seem to care for yourself..

I’m not saying that we should not love and care at all.. what I’m saying is.. to care and love is good but to be loved and cared for is also good.. it is the best gift you can give to yourself and probably the best feeling in the world.. thinking or putting your self first at times doesn’t mean you’re being selfish.. it’s  just that there are things that need to start off from yourself before you can give it to others.. 

2 thoughts on “Too much..”

  1. Here are some logics I have found useful:
    Give and expect nothing in return. If you do something with expectations, most likely the recipient will let you down.

    Learning how and when to say no is one of the best gifts yo u can give todo yourself.

  2. Thanks a lot! But the problem is.. sometimes I find it hard to say no.. I’m not really expecting something in return.. appreciation will already mean a lot.. thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts.. I agree with what you said about giving and expecting nothing in return..

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