I did not run today. I ran 7 miles yesterday. I was feeling a little sore and tired this morning. I am down about 9 lbs. over the last 12 weeks. I feel physically good. Mentally I feel good as well. Since I didn’t run this morning I meditated instead. Meditation has become an important part of my well being. I’d always heard of the benefits of it, but never bought into it until after my sister’s passing. It started as a way of speaking with her after she was physically gone. I still speak with her. And in addition to that, every day I thank my divine creator for all that I am and all that I have been blessed with. Being mindful of all my blessings on a daily basis starts my day on a positive note and makes the day so much better. I can handle stresses that at one time would have derailed me. In part that is something that can only come with maturity – unfortunately. But here I am – here and now. Older, wiser, calmer.

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