Finally Blocked His Sorry Ass!

     It might have taken almost 4 months to do it, but I did it. I finally blocked him… and he can no longer whatsapp me from time to time. I did it. I am officially set free.

     My life does not revolve around finding love anymore. My life is about: job hunting, art making, and weight losing. Yes! I am at peace with it all… and I find myself grateful for having a great group of friends who are like my second family to me. I am so blessed. 

     If I ever bump into Mr. Ex, I would simply walk away… like as if I just saw a stranger. He still loves me, and wants me… but there are some times where we can’t give 2nd chances. Not when they have broken you down completely… then expect to say sorry and its all good.

     NO! I was the one to pick myself up and pat my shoulders when things got tough! Why should I lower my guard and let him in again? Why should I lower my guard and let anyone in? NO! The only love I believe in, is the love a mother gives to her child… and thats it. Other than than its all lust… which can come at first in the form of romance. 

     I need a fucking job to keep myself even more busy during the day… and one day… I will reach so high up, than no one will even think about trying to reach me. One day, I will be very strong. One day, I will survive. 

     Universe, you just wait… cause I got hell of a something to prove!

5 thoughts on “Finally Blocked His Sorry Ass!”

  1. When one takes the first step one makes a step in the right direction as it is when one closes a door on a relationship a window will surely open. Remember you are strong resiliant and beautiful all the qualities that make you unique and special ..always be true to self first ..~

  2. Thank you, and I really am looking forward to new opportunities and experiences in life.

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