It snowed yesterday–a nice amount of it, enough to actually cover the ground. So it’s all nice and white outside. But yesterday afternoon the power went out–not an uncommon occurence in this godforsaken place, but still very, very annoying, because it got freezing as hell and super dark, because it’s winter and all–and then the electricity came back, and then it went out again, so it was hella cold yesterday night, even with three layers of blankets.

I just reread my last sentence (that long, long sentence with two dashes and an unreasonable amount of commas) and realized how weird it was that I said “cold as hell.” Because you know, hell should actually be really, really hot–burning hot, like hot enough to burn sinners–not cold. In fact, we use the phrase “when hell freezes over” to talk about something that is impossible and will never happen, because hell could never freeze over. Because. It’s. Really really hot. And not cold.

…What the hell am I even talking about.

I think I just kind of spaced out there.

Anyway, I wanted to write about the snow and everything yesterday morning, but the entry refused to submit and mysteriously ended up disappearing. Which is just as well, because it was just filled with some more useless ramblings.

On to some things I am interested in now: A Very Potter Musical, Paramore, Harry Potter, Dan and Phil, and my super secret ship. I guess I should say instead: Things I Am Always Interested In.

I haven’t finished watching AVPM yet, but I love it already. It’s ridiculous and outrageous and exaggerated, and Draco Malfoy is completely amazing when he is rolling about on the floor and just, being Draco Malfoy. I don’t know. I guess you could say I’m at this point in my life when I want to do nothing but waste time on the internet writing fanfiction and awful stories, listen to the same emotional music I have listened to for like three or four years, and read. Read everything. I have a whole list of books I need to read and like…I have no time to waste, you know?

And Paramore, Dan and Phil and Harry Potter? They’ve gotten me through tough times. Through my dark ages. And I could just fangirl on about them (and my super super secret ship) for hours and hours, if I met someone willing to fangirl with me. Which I haven’t. Met anyone willing to fangirl about the same things, I mean. Which is also just as well, because I really shouldn’t waste too much time on this stuff anyway.

Anyway. I’m off to continue watching AVPM and missing my friends, while freezing my ass off and typing on a super clickety-sounding keyboard, which, incidentally, annoys my father when I type because he, being a hunt-and-pecker, never makes any noises when he types, unlike me, who makes “too loud” clacking noises when I type so fast it seems like the keyboard will catch fire.

So goodbye for now. Have a great afternoon/morning/whatever, and stay awesome.


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  1. Writing & listening to good music isn’t the worst way to pass time, on the contrary. Keep going at it if it makes you happy 🙂

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